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BelNet is the most complete, flexible and revolutionary system for the equipment of the kitchen. The universal box with its accessories is the heart of BelNet system. It can be used to organize drawers and kitchen tops and, at the same time, it can be taken and used while cooking or laid on the table as multifunction trail.


BelNet is an innovative kitchen equipment system, adjusted to the flexibility of your needs to plan them in a practical and functional way without giving up the esthetical value of design. A simple, linear design, a better use of space, a variety of finishing and combination of accessories are the key factors of this new system. Redesigned spaces according to the latest trends, with a wide choice of easy to use storage modules to allow maximum accessibility and visibility of all items. It allows rapid variation in the organization of the elements accordingly to the changes
 in storage needs.


Resistant to scratches
Excellent hygienic properties
Resistant to water and steam
Easy to clean
Studied for contact with foodstuff
Resistant to solvent


Drawer equipment

Belnet drawer equipment is studied to fit the most important drawer boxes available on the market.
Every single component can be combined in order to obtain thousands varieties of finishing combinations.

Lay on back section

The lay on aluminium back section is studied to be externally applied to every kitchen top. No grooving or milling is required for installation . An innovating fixing system with reclosable fastener, allows to easily fix and remove the back section.

Low depth back section

The aluminium back section fits the universal box with all accessories. The aluminium cover is available as option. The low depth back section can be produced in customized measures.

Belnet Cuibus

BelNet Cuibus is the newest aluminium cutlery which perfectly fit the depth and allow horizontal organization of the drawers.Cutlery grid and standard Belnet accessories can be combined together.