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A new open shelving back section that adds depth to the kitchen base units, allowing to take full advantage of all the space available on the cooking area, thanks to the open-shelving system, evolution of the regular equipped back section, and complement to the traditional upper cabinet systems. Thought with the idea of making the food preparation time the most enjoyable time of the day, this structure brings organisation and functionality  thanks to the possibility to accessorise the shelves with BelNet kitchen equipment system, integrating order and cleanliness to style and design. An aluminium structure made of individual frames equipped with shelves and equipment made in compact laminate wrapped in wood veneer. The unit is extremely flexible absolutely versatile, as shelves can be customised, and can be placed according to personal needs and preference. The front aluminium profiles are studied to hold a vertical lighting system, while different back profiles have been developed to meet different designs solutions; a backless structure, glass or wooden cabinet and floor-to-ceiling living solutions such as bookshelves.


Exclusive furnishings that become a style symbol, precious chest of drawers made of fine materials and studied in every detail. The careful construction of the interior spaces includes storage compartments, extractable shelves, drawers in lacquered finish with leather and wood inserts equipped with brass handles and dividers. The folding doors are designed to offer spaces for specific needs and are embellished with inserts in leather or wood. The chests are available in different finishings, lacquered or veneered with Canaletto walnut and dark smoked Oak. In the limited edition  Exclusive Collection, the chest is covered with straw marquetry inlaid in different shades of dark brown presented with a glossy finish. The base features simple and delicate lines, made of painted or bronzed metal.


The leather doors feature refined and exclusive lines, as well as a natural look thanks to the genuine leather cover. The stitches enhance the delicate padding and create graphic designs that give a sense of movement to the surface. The doors can be tailor-made according to the customer needs and are available in three versions; hinged opening, offset and coplanar sliding doors. The doors are finished with painted metal profiles. The interior, also covered to guarantee the uniformity of the finish, can be crafted for the application of aluminum straighteners, hinges or sliding systems according to the customer specifications.


Glix door frames are now enriched with precious coatings. In addition to the usual 4mm thick glass, the Glix frames can now be equipped with panels that, thanks to a special process, are covered in SimilLeather in the same finishings of the Belapost accessories. The available colors are Anthracite, Brown Testa di Moro and Ivory, which blend well with the finishings of the frame. Also the version of Glix doors with SimilLeather covered panels can be tailor-made according to the customer requirements. The possible measures range goes from 300mm to 600mm in door width and from 600mm up to 2700mm in door height.